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    Frequently Asked

    What is renter insurance?

    Renter insurance is an insurance policy built to suit the needs of individuals and families who do not own the property they live in. In many ways a renter insurance policy is similar to a homeowner insurance policy except the building coverage has been removed.

    However, there is still coverage for personal property and personal liability among other important coverages. The cost of insurance for a renter’s insurance policy is very minimal not to mention that with most insurance carriers you get the same multi-policy discount on your auto insurance as you do with a homeowner insurance policy.

    Why does it take longer to get a business insurance quote than an auto insurance quote?

    It takes longer to provide a business proposal due to the complexities of each business… …and (in most cases) there is an actual human being reviewing your application. This can work in your favor pricing wise because a human can make pricing determinations based on your business’s specific risks and not the risks of similar businesses.

    What is the difference between comp and collision coverage?

    Comp (a.k.a Comprehensive or Other Than Collision) and Collision are physical damage insurance coverages on a personal or business auto insurance policy.

    Collision coverage provides reimbursement for damage to your vehicle after you’ve been in a car accident in which there is no fault or you are at-fault.

    Comp provides reimbursement for a set of named perils that include, fire, hitting an animal, falling objects, and more. Comp will often be provided in conjunction with full glass coverage but is technically a separate part of the auto insurance policy.

    How much homeowner insurance should I have?

    This is one of the questions asked most often of insurance agents and the unfortunate answer is “It Depends.” There are so many factors that go into how much homeowner’s insurance you should have.

    Most policies should be written and insured at Replacement Cost l. That doesn’t mean you have the absolutely correct amount of coverage but you maybe in the ball park.

    Determining the amount of homeowner insurance appropriate for your home is something I would recommend you leverage your insurance professional for.

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